Interesting observation…

Perhaps I’m wrong, but it always seems that the girls who tout being “happy with your body, no matter your size” are always girls who are thin and in shape.

Another observation:  What is it about a chocolate chip cookie that you’ll eat even if it’s not that good?

But back to the first observation…  I understand the whole healthy body image thing.  The “size healthy” movement.  But I swear, all those women are skinny to begin with.  Aside from the woman in NJ who wants to weigh 1,000 pounds, most women would prefer to be slim.  It’s easy to say you’re happy with your weight when you weight 125 pounds.  I’m not saying every woman wants to be “scary skinny” – but slim.  Fit.  No muffin top.  No wondering if your jeans will fit today.  No short sleeve blouses cutting into the tops of your arms.   No “good gracious” when you see your hips reflected in a window…

Ever since my Mom died four years ago, I’ve struggled with my weight.  I was always one of those 130 girls with beautiful curves.  Loved it.  But when my Mom passed away I found comfort in food, and pretty much shut myself up in my house.  Not good for my physique.  I ended up gaining about 40 pounds.

Since then I’ve lost about 20 pounds – but it fluctuates.  Right now, I’m only down about 7 pounds from my all-time high.  Ugh.  Not too happy about that.  So I’ve started journaling my food consumption ala Sparkpeople again.  I’ve been doing this on and off for nearly three years.  But I’ve also tried to start working out more.  I put one of my bikes on a mag trainer in my house.  Bought a couple workout DVDs (which mysteriously stopped working on my laptop as of last night… gotta figure that one out this evening.)  But as of right now, I’m still not losing weight.

I gained nearly 15 pounds over the past year since I met my beau.  I guess happiness and comfort don’t bode well for the hips.  I also recognize that bread and sugar are my enemies.  But gosh, I have a hard time staying away from the darn bread!  It’s like a tractor beam…

So for now, I’ll just keep on keeping on, and hope to god I can lose some of this weight.  Because I’m not happy with my size.  I don’t feel “size healthy”.  And I’m not comfortable in my clothes.  😦

I think the thing that I’ve been noticing on some other women’s weight loss blogs is the theme of making a goal.  So my goal is that I want to weight 127 pounds.  That’s 30 pounds away right now.  But I don’t know how long that will take.

Is it safe to say 10 pounds per month?

So by June 17th, I’d like to weigh 127 pounds.  That is my goal.


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